Thursday, March 20, 2008

Everything happens in perfect time

There's a lot of trust required in going through the growth process. (Speaking of which, I need a better word. Enlightenment seems too strong, but I need a word for what this process is all about. And "growth process" just makes it sound like I'm getting taller.)

I find trust difficult at times, and completely natural at others. The trust that I'm talking about is what some might call "faith," though I shy away from such a loaded word. It's that trusting, or having faith in, the idea that everything will work out for the best.

One element of this is what many of my peers and teachers have referred to as "Divine Timing." This is the idea that everything is always happening in the time it was meant to.

People speak esoterically about such things all the time. When a relationship doesn't work out, they might attribute it to "bad timing" or they'll speak of things being "meant to be." It comes up for me a lot because there are things I have been wanting to do in my life for years, and they just keep not working out. So I get frustrated, thinking it's my fault - that I should be trying harder or doing something differently to MAKE it happen.

And then one of my friends said "well, maybe it's just not the right time."

"But how can it not be the right time? I've been talking about this for years! It should've been the right time a long time ago!"

There I go, playing God* again. (Gee, Ego loves to do that. Ego apparently missed the part where God is all-loving and doesn't pass judgment.) Who am I to decide when is or isn't or should or shouldn't be the the right time for things? Not to mention, I am not being compassionate with myself. Rather than saying "it's part of the process. It's not your fault that this hasn't worked out yet. It's just not time," I'm getting all upset over nothing.

Everything will happen in its own time. Everything happens in the time it is meant to. We don't need to judge it, or try to control it. Placing judgment or trying to push against the current of the flow of time will only create stress, and draws us out of alignment. It's much easier to "go with the flow;" I just have to learn not to get mad at the river for not flowing faster.

*on my use of the term "God:" I have no specific deity in mind. I do not define God in the way of any particular religion. I will use the terms "God," "Spirit," "all that is," and probably several others interchangeably. When I do, I am referring to the benevolent force that I do believe exists that unites all life. I am not referring to any kind of "destiny," "creator," "judge," etc. It's simply the binding force of the universe, which I do believe is the spark of life, consciousness, love, and I do believe is benevolent in that I believe all beings are basically good. As my mother used to say, "if we weren't all basically good to begin with, we'd have blown ourselves up a long time ago." (Some may argue that we're getting damn close, but that is to be left for a more political discussion.)

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