Monday, May 12, 2008

sitting time

I'm feeling more "back to normal" this week than I did last week. I miss the blissful slow-motion I felt like I was going through last week, but at the same time it's a little easier to function with other people when I'm moving more at their pace. Funny thing is, I'm sure I'm still slower (in a very good way) than I was during my hyper-caffeinated, over-committed, and under-thought college years.

Now I have to figure out where to fit sitting time into my schedule again. I'm applying for jobs right now, so I know my whole schedule will change again soon. It seems that finding good times to sit is always a challenge.

I love the idea of getting up early and sitting to start my day, but there is no motivation for that when my bed is warm and the air is cold. Or when my boyfriend is over. Or when it means getting up before 7 because I have other things I have to do that morning. And that covers most mornings.

I had managed to get used to sitting right when I got home from work (and would be wanting a nap anyway) but now that I'm not working it's easy to let the whole day slide by thinking "I'll find time later." Of course, then there are other days when I just crave a good sit and will plop down for an hour or more two or three times.

I guess it's all a balancing act.

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