Monday, January 26, 2009

Why you should get out of bed to meditate

This morning, as many mornings, I had great intentions of getting up early to meditate before work. I was hoping that maybe I'd even get up early enough to go to the gym. No dice.

I did wake up about half an hour before my alarm went off. I thought to myself "this must be my system telling me it wants to meditate now." But instead of getting up, using the bathroom, brushing my teeth, and sitting in my meditation chair, i decided I'd just stay where I was, warm in bed, and would meditate laying down.

I have done this many mornings, always with the same result.

The meditation simply isn't as good. Really, it becomes dozing with the occasional use of a technique.

If I get up and do a few things and then sit in my chair, my morning meditations can be quite lovely. Often they're full of inspiration, or they get me to a very gloriously still place, or at the very least they're a henhouse of clearing thoughts. But when I stay in bed, it's just half-sleep and mushiness.

I guess there needs to be a differentiation between sleep time and meditation time. Hopefully I'll remember that tomorrow.

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